Waiting for that day you come home…

He Is caught in the dark
Without a spark
Living in fear
Clinging to the spear
Trying to see
What he cannot be
Breaking walls that cannot fall
Creating amaze that lives in a daze
This is not how it’s supposed to be
Living in all this anxiety
Waiting for the shift…
Waiting for a lift
Missing that part of you …you can’t seem to find
There’s nothing I can do if you’re not willing to climb
I keep throwing the rope but you don’t see
So I will love you through all you do
Shine my light… All through the night
Waiting for that day you come home

I wait for you….

I am crashing

I am lashing 

my every existence

I feel lost

I am confused

I feel broken

at the moment

I can’t seem 

the shake this

or make this

where is my will

why must I blind

and bind myself

waking through 

this tunnel of darkness

trying to rediscover

my being of light

taken my son

leaving me shaken

I patiently wait

for my new gate

tell me more

so I can see the door

help me dig

so I can live…

I am reaching for you

like never before

I want to live….

In the will you 

intend me to live…

yes mine….

which is yours…

I wait for you…